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So it looks like this crazy idea of mine is starting to really happen now. After watching my wife take a crazy idea from the point of conception ,on a napkin, to the FDA I thought that maybe I to should be crazy! The only difference being that her product will pay us, change our lives forever allow her to continue a career as an inventor. While mine is a glorified art project that requires all parties involved to spend their own money every time we turn around. I’ve had this idea for a few years and it started as a cookbook idea made to replace the 30 minute meal ideas and instead teach dads , stay-at-home dads , how to meal plan and prep foods that could be used in 2-3 dishes through out the week. While in the middle of the cookbook shooting and on top of owning a small business, we had another child. So here we are two years later and that cookbook  has been sitting deep inside a computer that will no longer power up and is lost forever. Since I’m not exactly the stay-at-home dad type I decided to be the poster child (old child) for the demographic. I originally thought I would just post iPhone and GoPro videos of the kids and I doing our everyday routine, throw in a recipe and maybe a little gray haired advise here and there but things have taken a twist. I ended up picking up some part-time camera work and commercial photography sales gigs with here in our home town. While tossing the idea around with these guys things started to come together and we started to see the value in realizing mutual goals. Not only did they need video portfolio stuff they are also dads and damn good ones. It is all starting to come together now. We are building set and finding collaborators. We have guest appearances set up and have planned some awesome adventures for the kids. The promo for kickstarter will launch next Friday and then we will start work on the pilot episode. My description is ‘journalistic comedy’ with an improvisational script. We have a great studio location at the Edmond Performing Arts Studio, Hot Box Studios, and it is less than a mile from my house. BONUS! If this all comes together like we hope the show will feature local artist, musicians, athletes and business owners who will discuss their vision with the kids and act as a mentor of sorts for that episode. We are shooting for 5 minute webisodes in the beginning and will grow from there. If we can get the pilot funded then we will use sponsors and advertisers to continue the venture. Stay tuned and check out the YouTube channel to get an idea of where we are with at this point.YOUTUBE@DoingThatDadThing  Thank you all…… Doing That Dad Thing.


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