Looking up can slow you down

DSC_4785Look Up

My family of five and I tend to take take road trips together. We do one and sometimes two mostly, epic journeys each year. I have pulled the car over more times than I can count in order to get out and snap a photo. Overtime it happens ,the kids are like “yeah dad that’s really cool, hurry up”. My wife can see the shot that I’m after but is still not impressed with my ADHD approach to photography,kayak fishing,golf,mountain biking,drumming,cooking,mandolin,hunting,gardening…. Yeah so I’ve started blogging as part of my new role as the stay-at-home dad. I seem to also be growing a baby… I need to get my running schedule back on track! With these road trip photos hanging around our house on desktops ,laptops,iPads,iPhones and even on the walls the kids remember that moment.  I spend a good deal of my free time editing photos. To everyone else in my house I’m just “playing with pictures” all of the time. It never fails, when I get back in the car after that shutter cycle everyone looks out at what it was that I stopped our family sing along over. I see them ponder for a minute before we drive away through their creative and naive eyes. Sometimes I use that opportunity to talk about whats happening in the sky and what weather patterns are forming. We can end up talking about different climates  and plants. My middle son, Nash, will start telling us about all of the different animals that live in these different places and how they hunt and where they dwell. My oldest son Sylvan constantly bust me when I’m trying to act like I know what I’m talking about. But the best part about stopping and looking up is that it slows you down. Everything is mostly nothing and we need very little to live. We mostly need love and we also need time. Look Up, Slow Down.

PHOTO: SE Oklahoma near McCurtain County, July 2014



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