Part 1 ‘Doing That Dad Thing’

1292805_10153848578581241_4014964426302895147_oSo here I am.  It’s 11am and I’m blogging! What has the world come to? I have the spent the last 25 years working in the mechanical trades and the last 12 of those 25 has been spent raising children. Now, here I am. From grunt to journeyman from business owner to a full-time salesman to this, a stay at home dad? Wow, what a turn of events. I have to say it is very difficult to adjust. I’m 42 years old and I’m the bread-winner, damn it! There have been moments of clarity and peace but there have been more moments of total panic and bad decisions. I guess I should start like this. For the last 7 years my wife has been at home raising the kids and doing the book-keeping for our business ventures and 1099 explorations.  In the meantime we are having our 3rd child and first daughter, Bonnie. My wife, Allison, ends up having a crazy pregnancy experience and baby bonnie gets up over 11 lbs! Directly after the birth of Bonnie we start to feel that we are overwhelmed with children and business responsibilities. While we are scrambling to close our Plumbing and HVAC business we are continuing to keep a few of our marketing and advertising clients and I move into outside sales full-time. Running in the background since the dramatic birth of our very healthy nearly 12 pound baby my wife has discovered a solution for female stress incontinence that worked for her. So I’m hearing about this crazy idea almost on a daily basis for over a year at this time…. She is very determined that this ‘device’ will be a product that every new and old mom out there would need. The process has been nothing short of full-time. Here is the kicker. She gets a patent, an attorney, builds a board and visits the FDA in Washington. At this point we both can see the worth ,as well as lots of other people, who are much smarter than both of us. Now my wife has created a lifestyle type position that pays us nothing, yet. So she asks me and I agree to work part-time to allow her the time to keep moving forward with this product. Here we are almost 2 months later. She goes to an office every morning until 4:30 every evening and then works on her mobile device or laptop usually until she falls asleep. Now I am cleaning the house, going to the grocery store and being a taxi driver for our three children. What is unbelievable about it all is that our backgrounds have allowed us to be really good at our new positions. My time spent cleaning up plumbing messes and organizing job sites translates easily into taking care of the house hold chores such as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Not to mention I have had time to repair things around the house. Children just respond differently to the authority of their dad so I have a group of well-behaved young children on my watch. The miracle is that we sacrificed everything to go for something we believed in and it is all working out. My wife’s new company has been privately funded to push through the next phases of FDA approvals and she now has a salary that is allowing us to survive. This makes the little bit of work I do with my insurance restoration sales and photography less stressful and puts us over where we were financially before we made the move. We have some catching up to do but we believe that this business deal will be the one that frees us financially for now and maybe forever. I have a plan to start a YouTube show called Doing That Dad Thing. We are going to be doing shows with the kids and a few friends on all things dads. We will have tips, tricks, meal ideas and guest speakers in our studio. Our plan involves community service and education for the kids. Not only will they learn the tasks at hand but also the audio/video production side of things.

I’m not sure how to sign off…. So, goodbye for now.




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